DANGELMAYER SEEMANN is a Management consultancy that delivers critical-to-success impact at the interface of man and machine.


Certainties disappear. Ever faster, ever more comprehensively, companies are confronted with radically changing conditions to run their business. Technical possibilities and necessities set great challenges for you and your employees.

Where are opportunities, what is hype? What are the effects on companies, what opportunities and risks are there in an environment of ever faster pace on digitization, changing customer expectations, globalization, further shortening innovation cycles on the one hand, regulatory requirements, sustainability, social responsibility on the other side? We are there to support you in staying competitive and successful.

Our highly qualified and experienced consultants have proven expertise in IT (solution and enterprise architecture, cloud), psychology and communication (organization development in digital transformation, realization of change in strategic realignment) and business administration (operational excellence, development and realization of digital business models).

We as a team work together with you focused on successful implementation. We validate and implement your individual corporate strategies. Transparency means a basis for us on which the development of effective, reasonable and meaningful solutions is created upon. For major international corporations as well as for the successful SMEs in Germany – that’s what we stand for since 2004.