Only the clear identification of substantial challenges leads to a valuable solution in the interests of the client.

For DANGELMAYER SEEMANN, the clarification of the assignment is not only a prerequisite for the success at the client’s specific challenge, it is in addition also of general value to the company, because here it is where transparency is created. Our consultants are experienced and highly qualified seniors exclusively who make a meaningful, effective and appropriate contribution in close personal consultation with the client.

DANGELMAYER SEEMANN stands for structured transparency, a true interdisciplinary approach and objectiveness. We do not sell projects.

Customer projects

Business model transformation

Our client, a medium-sized company specialized in insurance and financial services, considers the transformation of the current business model into a new fully digital business. As part of the strategy process, we supported our client in analysing the changed market environment and new customer requirements as well as key technological options essential for the successful strategic repositioning and in creating the transformation roadmap accordingly.

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Preliminary study on the feasibility of strategic alignment

Our client, an international retail company in the pharmaceutical sector, starts a preliminary study to define a new strategy from a sales, logistics and IT perspective. The focus of our support was on the feasibility of the business model expansion, service differentiation and expansion as well as on the operational and technological modernization.

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Evaluation of Machine Learning

A global service provider is investigating on new approaches in workforce planning based on new technologies. As part of a fundamental IT modernization of the underlying application landscape, we developed potential use cases for machine learning suitable for the respective optimization approaches.

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Reorganization of the competence order regarding compliance and efficiency

A bank must adjust the existing internal competency regulations regarding compliance (MaRisk etc.) and at the same time can combine this project with a more efficient structuring of the organization and business processes. As a part of this, the risk manual and the existing “Fixed Written Rules” are considered as well as the options for an improved distribution of tasks, competences and responsibilities in conjunction with efficient business processes. The successful change took place by an implementation that had a focus on broad acceptance in the overall organization.

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